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Despite the name you’ll not find any dinosaurs here but you will find a huge collection of porn vids!

Jurassic Porn? Nope, that ain’t what you’re getting. Admit it, you heard Dinotube and you thought it was the next fan-fic creation for the Jurassic Park series featuring way too many T-Rexes cutting loose, right? But fear not, this has nothing to do with prehistoric lizards humping pterodactyls. I mean, I ain’t judging if that’s your thing though. You dirty dino.

Dinotube is really an adult content aggregator site with apparently an ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ naming system. They could’ve gone with Crocodile Tube, Kitty Tube, or Truck Tube. But I guess their dart landed on a photo of a poorly drawn dinosaur in that brainstorming session.

The downside? The name doesn’t even link to porn when you Google ‘porn’ with ‘dinosaurs.’ Just FYI, unless you’re into some seriously kinky Ancient History crap, avoid making that search. Trust me on this!

Dinotube is part of the Adult Webmaster Net family, birthed in 2013 as an aggregate site. AWN has been slinging out adult sites like flapjacks at an Octomom breakfast. Some sites decent, others like a trash heap in a rush hour, a few captivatingly peculiar. But Dinotube turned out to be their golden egg, linking thousands of videos per week. I mean you’ve got enough content to last you through an Ice Age!

Now, my fellow wankers, brace yourselves. Dinotube has over six million links to palm-sweating videos. Yeah, that’s one ‘Million’ with a capital ‘M’. Enough material to keep your carnal cravings satiated for a lifetime. Gotta love those dedicated folks at DT for fishing out new content every day. They’re like those truffle pigs, but for porn.

Quality over quantity, right? But Dinotube isn’t picky. They want all of their dinosaur eggs in one basket. On top of the regular categories you might find, like anal, deepthroat, and big ass, they’ve got categories like strap-on lesbians, cosplay, and even a section for granny and grandpa shenanigans. Your kinks are their command, no judgement here!

Clearly, Dinotube has a fetish for fetishes. With about a thousand categories to pick from, they’re the Baskin Robbins of adult content. Want old school? Boom - vintage. Want some college party? Wham - there you go! Have a burning need to see a couple of grandparents going at it? They’ve got your back!

In short, if you’re looking for high-quality adult content, Dinotube is your horniest, er, friendliest neighborhood porntopia. With a lifetime worth of videos, handpicked from across the web, there’s something for every taste bud. Even if you’re into really odd flavors. So next time, don’t judge a tube by its name, especially if it’s Dinotube. Seriously, though, toss me a bone if you figure out the whole ‘dino’ thing.

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