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The Porn Dork squad!

I am The Porn Dork, and I have assembled a team of experts to scour the internet and compile and review the greatest adult content there is for any and every topic. We are not like the cluttered and unreliable mess that are the other porn list sites.. No, no, no! Our content is carefully curated and selected by true experts in each field. All under the guise of ME, THE PORN DORK! We have a strict vetting process for the information that we allow on our site. Only the most accurate, well-researched, and informative porn sites make the cut. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for knowledge, and we will stop at nothing to bring you the best of the best and you better appreciate it!

Our team consists of highly educated and accomplished individuals from all corners of the globe, except Daisy, who thinks the world is flat. From rising stars to accomplished journalists, we have the best working with us to bring you the finest porn sites out there. We are not just a group of hobbyists or amateurs, we are true professionals who take our work seriously. We understand the value of knowledge and the importance of having access to accurate information. That is why we are committed to bringing you the most informative and useful porn reviews on the internet. We will not rest until we have achieved our goal of creating the most comprehensive and reliable source of porn sites in the world. From cams to tubes, dating sites to milfs!

In short, we are the ultimate destination if you want to know everything there is to know about porn, the one-stop-shop for knowledge, the crème de la crème of adult content. Trust us, there’s no need to go anywhere else, just stay here! So, whether you’re looking for information on the latest pornographic breakthroughs, the most in-depth analysis of the best current events and sites, or the best tips and tricks for your porn hobbies, you are safe and sound! If the world were to disappear today, if we save the PornDork site, we are safe as a species and everything is back on track for us to invent the world’s largest dildo using Saturn’s rings. I am proud of what my team has done under my endless wisdom! So here they are:

Penelope Parker

Penelope is our resident copywriter and she’s a wordsmith extraordinaire and a weeaboo. With a degree in English literature and a background in advertising, she knows how to turn a phrase and make it sing. She’s always on the lookout for new and creative ways to express our message and she’s not afraid to take risks. She’s also a self-proclaimed grammar nerd and can spot a misplaced comma from a mile away. The perks of being around me, the Dork

Hunter “The Hunter” Hunter

Hunter is our talent scout and he’s always on the lookout for the next big thing. With a background in casting and a keen eye for emerging talent, he’s the one who finds all the hidden gems out there, be it a new cam model, a new site, or whatever…you understand right? He’s always on the lookout for new and interesting voices to add to our team. He’s also a bit of a thrill seeker and can often be found bungee jumping into cocks or skydiving to escape his wife in his free time. I mean, I would do the same if my parents named me Hunter Hunter.

Daisy “Deeeznuts”

Daisy is our UX designer and she’s the one responsible for making sure our website is easy to navigate and visually appealing. She’s a master of user experience and knows how to make sure our readers have the best possible experience on our site. She’s also a bit of a perfectionist and can often be found tweaking and adjusting the tiniest of details.

Harold “The Hammer” Hargrove

Harold is our head of HR and he’s the one who keeps our team running smoothly. He’s a no-nonsense kind of guy and doesn’t put up with any nonsense. He’s also a bit of a stickler for rules and regulations and can often be found enforcing company policies with a, you guessed it, a Hammer!


And last but not least, there’s Bob. Nobody is quite sure why he’s on the team or what his role is, but he’s always around and seems to be involved in everything. Some say he’s a jack-of-all-trades, others say he’s just a bit of a goofball. Either way, he’s always there to lend a hand and keep things light-hearted. We still don’t know who brought him on board but I like him!