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Hello, fellow addicts of adult entertainment. I am Porn Dork, and according to UrbanDictionary, I am a human whose sexual development and sexuality have been formed by Internet porn.

Please, don’t worry about me; besides having rock-hard forearms, vision problems, and a hunched back, nothing else is wrong with me. Some might say that sitting in front of a computer with one hand on the mouse and the other on the cock isn’t a lifestyle everyone should aspire to achieve, but I beg to disagree!

I sacrifice my spare time and health only for you – is what a liar would say. Honestly, I do it because I love porn; if I could, I would put myself on a diet regiment consisting only of Internet porn. Unfortunately, the human race has not yet achieved greatness, so occasionally, I have to pause my wank sessions to eat a serving of microwaved food my mother has prepared for me.

I don’t review websites; I have better things to do – focusing on porn and sharing it with fellow porn addicts. Nobody wants to read long texts with a dick in their hand, so I provide you with a simple porn-browsing experience. I start every day the same way I end it – by masturbating furiously while exploring numerous porn sites. I don’t stop until I am completely drained. I don’t want you to spend your time browsing the Internet in search of a decent porn site – I want you to find the best porn sites right here!