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Come closer, and closer. Yep, BedPage is a lil different but still good if you want to find some adult services

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You’d expect the Dork, that’s me, to be a fan of anything having to do with the adult industry but you’d be wrong. I’ve never been a fan of escort sites but I still do check them out for you my readers to make sure you guys only get to safe ones and decent ones. You know, places where you can actually call and meet real people instead of being scammed or catfished or anything else.

So, what’s up with Bedpage? Well, it’s sort of a replacement of Backpage which was closed because of a bill passed to prevent sex trafficking. FOSTA/SOSTA was passed around March of 2018 and has pretty much convinced all sites to remove their more personal sections or just shut down altogether.

What this in mind, is Bedpage any good? Not really, no. I mean, you do find your escort ads here but the site itself is not much to look at. First off, it’s an exact replica of Backpage which is not a good start to have. Then you have a ton of ads. Not all ads are bad but it’s more about the amount of them.

Bedpage has ads for all sorts of services from all sorts of categories but if you plan to only use it to find escorts you’re gonna be disappointed. The ads are very slim, at least the true ads because there are a lot of fake escorts around which you can smell from a mile away. The best way to find out what’s what is to take the images and put them through a reverse image search. I did this and 80% of them were stolen from somehwere else so be mindful of this. Now, this might sound harmless but think about it.

What does this mean for you? It means you call this beautiful blonde bomshell but someone completely different shows up on your doorstep. The situation would be awkward at best and impossible at worst. You’d have an angry escort with whom you don’t wanna have sex in your house and you can’t call the police because, well… This is why it’s important to pay attention to these sites and their ads.

Now, there is not much else to be said. Bedpage is not realy reliable in that way but you do find some legitimate ads if you look carefully. Just make 100% sure before you place any calls.

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