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I know my way around porn so I absolutely know my way around dating sites. Who doesn’t know what they are? But it is rare for me to meet someone that knows them all, like I do!

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Best Dating Sites

Check out a heavily edited list of the best dating sites in the world!

Best Dating Sites!

Welcome, you romantic peasant! I am the Dork. The Porn Dork and I do awesome reviews of good porn stuff. Today’s good porn stuff: the best dating sites!

Hi there! I am the one and only Porn Dork, and I have the greatest job in the world. You see, I have seen every single porn video and adult content there is to be seen on this planet. Yes, every single one of them. I have spent countless hours scouring the depths of the internet, watching all the porn clips, movies, and shows that humanity has to offer. Some people might call me crazy, but I see myself as a pioneer, a trailblazer in the world of porn. I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting porn sites to share with the world. And let me tell you, there is no shortage of amazing stuff out there! Naturally, my knowledge of porn has helped me get a solid following of women. They flock onto me no matter where I am. So when I tried some of these dating websites and apps, I was a natural. I had matches by hundreds, thousands of messages and legions of overly attached girlfriends. I had so much sex my cock needed crutches for 3 weeks. But it is the way things go when you want to please the people around you and keep up the high standards of my public image. So now with this list, you might be wondering: how do I decide which goes in?

The website assessment performed by the Dork squad focuses on identifying the traits, quality, and practicality of dating sites. The assessment procedure covers the examination of ads, pop-ups, spam, and the existence of premium features. And no, the Dork squad is not me, my cock and my balls. It’s my team of real people, plus the cock and balls. While reviewing, the Dork team takes a close look at the website’s interface and user experience, seeking for any potential obstacles during navigation. The website design is also analyzed for user-friendliness and freedom from ads or pop-ups that might affect the user experience, as we all know.

The team evaluates if the premium offering is worth the price by determining if it offers enhanced user experience and valuable bonuses to the user. The quality of the site’s matches is thoroughly examined to verify it meets high standards and is appropriate for the intended audience. We don’t like fake profiles and bots and that is a big no, no! The presence of inappropriate content is scrutinized, and moderation policies are investigated to maintain a secure environment so that you have fun, not navigate through piles of .. unwanted stuff.

Security measures taken to protect users’ private information are also considered during our raid. The team investigates if the website uses robust encryption and secure data storage techniques. We don’t want to have any leaks! Additionally, the website’s/apps performance and speed are evaluated. The team checks for quick loading, the ability to handle high traffic without lag or crashes, and optimization for use on various devices and browsers.

All in all, it’s a hard life being a dating site reviewer. But we are motivated, at the end of the day. Because we care about you and we love to care for beautiful people like you. When you are looking for casual sex or the love of your life, you shouldnt have to worry about anything. Take trust in this list of dating sites I made because it is the result of weeks of work and testing!

Date, have fun, and find your match and keep it discreet and classy.
Yes, The Dork covers dating sites too especially kinky ones like this one
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