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Now this is one heckof a site! A massive collection that is sure to scratch your filthy itch!

Whoa!! Where have you been my whole adult life! With a vast database of full length premium videos and a user-friendly interface, Porntrex is the Tom Brady of adult websites. And let me clarify, I am talking about the Patriots’ era Tom Brady here, not the Bucs version.

Launched in 2015, Porntrex has put its foot on the gas and never let off, making it one of the fastest-growing adult sites in the history of the internet. I mean it’s grown faster than my waistline during quarantine. According to Similarweb, Porntrex has an average of 10 million monthly visitors! For perspective, that’s like everyone in Portugal tossing their work out the window and full-time Porntrex exploring. The site has gathered a massive collection of over 200,000 videos, proving that quantity can have quality too.

Porntrex leaves no stone unturned to cater to every thwack…sorry, I mean every knack. With over 50 categories, the site has everything from Amateur to the Vanillas, Milf to Teen, and more. The humanoid species’ affinity towards human connections make ‘Amateur’ the most visited category, though ‘MILF’ and ‘Teen’ aren’t far behind.

The Arsenal vs Man Utd of the adult world is obviously Porntrex vs PornHub. While PH has a larger database, Porntrex’s favorite move is to provide full-length premium videos rather than the 5-minute quickies. Porntrex also focuses on community interaction by promoting user uploads and comments. However, the lack of an official app is a downside, along with some occasional pesky pop-ups, which are like mosquitos during a dinner date.

Signing up for Porntrex is as easy as my ex. You just need an email and a dash of creativity for your username - ‘Ben Dover’, ‘Harry Johnson’, ‘Mike Hawk’, etc. Once registered, members can easily interact by uploading their videos and participating in the forum chats and comment sections.

Porntrex also features an adult dating section along, plus a virtual reality section which honestly feels like you are in a different dimension. But remember, you should see a doctor if the effect persists for more than four hours after use!

In summary, Porntrex is the perfect platform for people who are intimate towards the world of intimate videos. With its vast collection of premium full-length videos, easy-to-navigate interface, community-centered approach, and diverse categories that cater to all tastes, it is a must-visit for any critics of ‘adult art’. However, occasional pop-ups and lack of an app are areas for improvement. The user sign-up is simple and community involvement is encouraged. The additional features like a dedicated VR section and an adult dating page further enhance the user experience. Overall, Porntrex can be crowned as the King of websites for ‘adult education’, making it an essential bookmark for your browser.

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